Psycho Ghost Pepper Killer Peanuts (3 bags)

The Makers Say...

Probably the hottest goddamn nuts you've ever tasted. Definitely not for the faint-hearted. Quality peanuts dusted with a face-melting naga jolokia (Ghost Pepper) seasoning.

Whatever you do, don't put these in a plain bowl and just leave them on the side for your unsuspecting guests. No, don't do that. That'd be a terrible thing to do.

WARNING: This product contains nuts. Hey, you can't be too careful.


Chillibugs' Opinion...

Dr Burnorium - the purveyor of pain, melter of faces and creator of the incredible Psycho Juice Hot Sauces! These nuts are a great addition to the sauce range - prepare to blow your brain!


Ingredients: Peanuts (95%, Naga Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) chilli mix (4%) and vegetable oil.

Place of Origin: UK

Pack Size: 3 x 80g

Price: £5.95