Texas Longhorn Smoked Chipotle BBQ Sauce

What the Makers Say:

BBQ hasn't been the same since the blending of Texas BBQ Sauce and chipotle peppers. Chipotle Peppers are Jalapeño Peppers that have been smoked so you're getting a sauce that is smokey, rich and spicy! Remember, when the meat is at desired temperature, slather with Chipotle BBQ Sauce until it glazes - Oh man, that's Texas!


Chilli Bugs Opinion:

Hands down, this is one of the finest barbecue sauces you can slap on your meat. Excellent label, with a set of longhorns and a chili pepper, but labels alone won’t do it. I’m serious about my barbecue, and this is one of those sauces that gives you something to be serious about.


Ingredients: Concentrated tomato paste, corn syrup, brown sugar, chipotle puree, honey, vinegar, Worchestershire sauce, smoke flavoring, salt, fresh onions, spices, green peppers & olive oil

Place of Origin: Kansas

Bottle Size: 15.5 fl oz (439 ml)


Price: £5.50