Psycho Juice 70% Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce

The Makers Say...

Probably the hottest non-extract sauce you will ever taste. With its mind-blowing heat and flavour from the infamous Trinidad Scorpion pepper, this is without doubt the condiment of choice for the serious, hardcore chillihead.

With a massive 70% chilli pepper content, Psycho Juice Ghost Pepper is full-bodied, full-flavoured and packing explosive natural heat without the addition of extract. Most importantly, Psycho Juice actually tastes 

This is a sauce for the purist. A sauce for the connoisseur.


Chillibugs' Opinion...

Dr Burnorium - the purveyor of pain, melter of faces and creator of the incredible Psycho Juice Hot Sauces! He recommends a daily dose, applied liberally to all food.

This sauce is the Dr's newest addition. Pure natural heat (no extract).  In the word's of the good doctor himself.... "Hallowed be they Pain!"


Ingredients: 70% Trinidad Scorpion, Water, Onion, Cane Vinegar, Garlic, Salt, Lemon Juice, Ascorbic Acid, Xanthan Gum

Place of Origin: UK

Bottle Size: 5 fl oz (148 ml)

Price: £5.49