Marie Sharp's Belizean Heat Hot Sauce (5oz) £4.25

The Makers Say...

Marie is one of the true pioneers in the pepper sauce industry. This sauce has a Scoville Rating of 350,000 Units. Flavour with heat. This is why Marie Sharp's sauces are famous world-wide. Specially blended for devoted heat seekers, this sauce is great for cooking.


Chillibugs' Opinion...

In Belize, this fiery hot sauce is on the table of every restaurant, and with good reason, it's great! It's a little sour/salty, with plenty of heat.

We use it on eggs, and it goes well with beans and rice. This really is the authentic flavour of Belize. If you like Caribbean food; do yourself a favour, and check this out!


Ingredients: Habañero pepper mash, capsicum oil, fresh carrots, vinegar, lime juice, tomato, Creole spices, onions, garlic, salt

Place of Origin: Belize

Bottle Size: 5 fl oz (150 ml)

Price: £4.25