Hot Sauce Book Of Pleasure and Pain £17.99

The Makers Say...

Are you fearless and susceptible to spiciness?  Are you sure?  Then you've got to take the hot sauce challenge with the Hot Sauce Challenge Book.  Challenge your friends, family and your significant other in this contest of epic proportions.  Chances are you won't be able to complete it in one night, but who are we to judge?

Each mini bottle is 0.75 oz./21 ml. 1.  Set contains one bottle of each of the following:

Ass Kickin' Bacon - You're bacon me crazy!
Ass Kickin' Chile Lime - Awesome on shrimp and rice
Ass Kickin Sriracha - Your stir fry secret weapon
Ass Kickin' Cajun - It's Mardi Gras somewhere
Ass Kickin' Original - The sauce that dawned the Ass Kickin' Empire
Ass Kickin' Wasabi - Horse radishy
Ass Kickin' Roasted Garlic - Vampires hate it
Hot Sauce from Hell - Fire up your burrito
Hot Sauce from Hell Devil's Revenge - we disagree about dishes best served cold!
Ass Kickin' Ghost Pepper - Are you afraid of ghosts?
Ass Blaster - 3..2..1..Blast Off!
Spontaneous Combustion - For the ultimate palate pyromaniac

Our Opinion:
A brilliant gift set from 'Ass Kickin' Hot Sauces, perfect for parties!

Place of Origin: USA

Bottle Size: 12 x 0.75oz (21ml)

Price: Now £17.99 Was £19.99 (Saving of 10%)