Xtreme Heat Hot Sauce 4 pack minis £4.99

The Makers Say...

Great Extreme sauce gift for the aspiring chilli-head Mini bottles that pack a mighty punch: from the stable of Ass Blaster these are four sauces tha will kick arse!!!

Each mini bottle is 0.75 oz./21 ml.

Ass Blaster - Hold onto something heavy when you splash this hot sauce on your favorite foods! Contains Capsicum extract that is Extremely Hot! Not for weak heinie's!

Habañero Hot Sauce From Hell Devil's Revenge - "Beyond Hot" - Made with the "mother of all peppers", Capsicum Chinese. It sports a great melted wax look topper.

Habañero Hot Sauce From Hell Beyond Hot - The world's hottest hot sauce! This Hot Sauce lives up to its name! We dare you to try this on your huevos. It's never too late to pray.

Spontaneous Combustion Hot Sauce - This hot sauce is for those palate pyromaniacs who love the true heat and flavor of the Habañero and pure capsicum extract. The one who says nothing is too HOT for me!

Extremely Hot! Each bottle is 0.75 oz, about 22 ml. That's 3 oz. or about 88 ml. in total.


Chillibugs' Opinion...

A brilliant gift set from 'Ass Kickin' Hot Sauces, bringing together four of the finest creations in a gift pack. A great addition to anyone's collection and the perfect gift for someone who loves chilli! Place of

Origin: USA


Please read the following before buying.... These sauces are catagorised as 'ultra' hot and you should take extreme caution when using them. The purchaser hereby releases Chilli Bugs Hot Sauces from all liability, indemnifies and holds harmless Chilli Bugs Hot Sauces with respect to any claims of damages or injuries resulting from the use, consumption, ingestion, and/or contact with respect to this product. 


Price: £4.99