West African Voodoo Juice Hot Sauce £8.49

The Makers Say...

Oh the VooDoo that you do... Watch out, this West African hot sauce will cast a spell over you. Made with Red Savina Habañero pepper mash. Comes with a 2" tall Voodoo magnet that you can put on your fridge, if you survive...Inspired by the exotic allure of Africa, Captain Thom's West African Voodoo Juice treats your tongue to a sweet, pungent rush of flavour before it blasts you with one of the hottest authentic pepper sauces on the market today.


Chillibugs' Opinion...

A fruity and delicious sauce, West African Voodoo Juice is a beautifully flavoursome sauce...that is, of course, until the voodoo kicks in and sears you!  Watch out, this West African sauce will cast a spell on you!


Ingredients: Red Savina Mash, carrots, onions, white vinegar, brown sugar, white sugar, papaya juice, banana, brown rum, lime juice, pepper extract, salt and spices.

Place of origin: Maryland

Bottle Size: 5oz (147ml)

Price: £8.49