Kiss The Devil - Chilli Fire Spray £4.99

The Makers Say...

Have you ever been out for a meal and needed a quick chilli fix or needed a boost for a mild curry? HELP is at hand: Introducing Kiss The Devil, Chilli Fire Spray. It's a handy sized spray bottle of pure fire.  One or two squirts of our Fire Spray will set any meal to the right heat level for even the biggest chilli heads!

If you need a boost before going to the gym a couple of squirts on the tongue will get you going!! It can also be used whilst cooking.


Chillibugs' Opinion...

He he he.....we love this! It is legal.....but only just! All we will say is, please do NOT spray this in the eyes and use responsibly.


Ingredients: Spirit, Ghost (Naga) Chilli.

Place of Origin: Cumbria, UK

Bottle Size: 30 ml

Price: £5.95