Iguana Gold Island Pepper Sauce £4.95

The Makers Say...

The Habañero gods have smiled on Half Moon Bay, and the result is Iguana Gold, a medium-hot, deliciously tangy Habañero and mustard-based Bajan-West Indian-style pepper sauce. Fresh onion, garlic, carrot, cucumber, mustard and aromatic spices help tone down the heat a little on this complex Habañero blend to ensure it's good on almost everything. This "down island" pepper sauce features seductive flavour that will keep home chefs and connoisseurs alike coming back for more.


Chillibugs' Opinion...

An excellent, well-balanced sauce with a medium level of heat. Superb flavour - slightly smoky with some sweetness.  My personal favourite from the Iguana range of sauces.


Ingredients: Cayenne peppers, cane sugar, carrots, salt, onions, cucumbers, Habañero peppers, corn starch, mustard, vinegar, spices and garlic.

Place of Origin: Costa Rica

Bottle Size: 5oz (147ml)

Price: £4.95