Dave's Gourmet Temporary Insanity Hot Sauce £4.75

The Makers Say...

Temporary pain, lingering pleasure!

This sauce has the same great flavor as Insanity Sauce with a heat that is crazy, but not insane.


Chillibugs' Opinion...

Dave's Temporary Insanity sauce is made by the same people who brought you Insanity sauce, but in our opinion, the flavour is much much better. There's not quite as much heat as Insanity sauce and it's a much more usable sauce. Add a dash to almost any food for a big kick or use as an ingredient in sauces, soups and stews.

This is our favourite hot sauce; combining lots of heat but without the face numbing pain of some extract sauces!


Ingredients: Hot peppers, tomato paste, hot pepper extract, salt, cane vinegar, onions, garlic, xanthan gum

Place of Origin: Costa Rica

Bottle Size: 5 fl oz (147 ml)

Price: Now £4.75 Was £5.25 (Saving of 9%)