Butt Pucker Hot Sauce £5.95

The Makers Say...

Ladies & Gentlemen! After years of perfecting my formulations, I have achieved precisely that. Everyone gather around so you don't miss this offer! It's hot, it's delicious, and it will change your life; Professor Payne Indeass' collection of sensational hot sauces! Take notes, because Sphincter Shrinker, Butt Pucker, Anal Angst, Flamin' Flatulence and Wimp Retardant are sure to be the cure-all remedies to all of your problems.


Chillibugs' Opinion...

Great new label from this line of "Professor Pain In De Ass" sauces. 

The Professor has been back to his lab and worked on another But Blazin' recipe. This one contains extract and will apparently make your butt pucker! If yours does, please keep it to yourself. No photographic evidence will be necessary, thank you very much. Just enjoy the sauce!

Ingredients:  Aged Cayenne peppers, vinegar, garlic, salt, pepper extract.

Place of Origin: Florida

Bottle Size: 5.7 fl oz (169ml)

Price: £5.95