Blair's Ultra Death Hot Sauce - in Coffin £9.95

The Makers Say...

This brand new SPECIAL EDITION comes packaged in its own unique coffin-shaped box. One taste and you will know this Jersey boy was here! If you have an insatiable need for heat or are one that lives in excess...Here I come. This sauce is the real deal. So shut the "F" up and pour me out! Love ya.


Chillibugs' Opinion...

Forget any other chilli sauce you have ever tried. This is one of the hottest in the world!  Made using the two hottest peppers in the world - red habaneros and naga jolokia, together with a good helping of pure chilli extract, you can't beat this for heat.


Want to see this sauce in action? Check out this video for details!


Ingredients: Water, Habanero chillies, Cayenne Chilies, Pepper extract, lime juice, Tomato Puree, cane vinegar, modified corn starch, xanthan gum, ascorbic acid and spices

Place of Origin: New Jersey

Bottle Size: 5oz (150ml)


Please read the following before buying....

Blair's Ultra Death is catagorised as an 'ultra' hot sauce and you should take extreme caution when using it. 

The purchaser hereby releases Chilli Bugs Hot Sauces from all liability, indemnifies and holds harmless Chilli Bugs Hot Sauces with respect to any claims of damages or injuries resulting from the use, consumption, ingestion, and/or contact with respect to this product.

Price: £9.95