Scotch Bonnet Pepper Fresh Onion Cane Vinegar Mustard Seeds Habanero Powder Salt Turmeric Chipotle Ascorbic Acid. Place of Origin: New JerseyBottle Size: 5oz (150ml) " /> Blair's Golden Death £6.49 from Chilli Bugs

Blair's Golden Death £6.49

The Makers Say...

It's Goldelicious!! Just the right amount of heat for just about everything!!

Since 1989, it has been my passion to create food that makes you smile. I love to watch your eyes light up, your face fill with laughter, and the warm glow of heat make you FEEL ALIVE!!!

I am fun in a bottle for you to enjoy!

Welcome to my wonderful world of spice!

Just be yourself and Feel Alive!!
Your Chillipal,
Blair Lazar.


SUGGESTED USES: Death Wings, Quesadillas, Fish Tacos, Pizza, Burgers or ANYTHING YOU DESIRE!


Chillibugs' Opinion...

Blair's Golden Death is a Caribbean style hot sauce with a wonderful blend of Scotch Bonnet, onion, mustard seed and turmeric. You can use this on just about anything. It's got a decent heat from those wonderful, fruity Scotch Bonnets but it's not going to burn your taste buds. All in all, a great everyday hot sauce with great flavour


Ingredients: Scotch Bonnet Pepper, Fresh Onion, Cane Vinegar, Mustard Seeds, Habanero Powder, Salt, Turmeric, Chipotle, Ascorbic Acid

Place of Origin: New Jersey

Bottle Size: 5oz (150ml)


Price: £6.49