Place of Origin: TexasBottle Size: 9oz (266ml)" /> Alien Anal Probe Hot Sauce £5.49 from Chilli Bugs

Alien Anal Probe Hot Sauce £5.49

The Makers Say...

Those wacky little green guys really know how to dig deep! Xtra-terrestrial hot sauce - Bone Home!  Anal encounters of the fiery kind.


Chillibugs' Opinion...

This is an opportunity to own one of the rarest of all hot chilli sauces.  It's a collector's item with one of the funniest labels of any sauce.  It has a really nice taste and is certainly hot stuff; with a great chilli-kick, but it's not going to kill you like an extract sauce.

Ingredients: cayenne pepper, water, salt, oleoresin Cayenne, starch and caramel colour

Place of Origin: Texas

Bottle Size: 9oz (266ml)

Price: £5.49